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MOODY THE HOOD PRINCESS B (born 01/17/1996) was raised in the Brightmoor area, on the west side of Detroit, MI. She is a multi-talented American artist, rapper, songwriter, and designer. She first discovered her ability to rap at the age of 13. MOODY THE HOOD PRINCESS has always been poetic for as long as she could remember. It took some skill and practice to combine those poems into music. It did not take her long to master the craft. Poetry lessons in ELA at Cody High (APL) helped her to improve her word play. She participated in school cyphers in around 2012. In 2014 MOODY THE HOOD PRINCESS had a child and took a break from writing music. By 2016 she began recording in a studio environment. MOODY THE HOOD PRINCESS featured in multiple songs with other local artist in Detroit before releasing her first freestyle, “Time To Eat” to YouTube. What started as a therapeutic outlet for MOODY THE HOOD PRINCESS eventually became a hunger for success. As an independent artist, she used platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram & more. She later began using Distrokid to distribute her first official single “Big 4.” Soon after, in 2023 she signed with Platinum Stars Record Label.

My time to shine!

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